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Accidentally created account with Google account


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Hi there,

I did something dumb - as I was signing up for the developer portal I accidentally clicked through using my signed in Google account system. I wanted to create a new account via an email.


Is there a way I can clease/delete this account and start again? I do want to use this email address, just not through Google's sign in account system (so I can keep seperate strong passwords.)





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Hi ,


You can actually create a new account using the same email address (and as a tip, I believe you can do the Gmail trick of adding + in the email - so for instance, if your email was primechris@gmail, you could create an account with primechris+viveport@gmail. Gmail recognizes both as your email.)


The only thing I'd suggest for your own sanity is to give yourself a different username here on the forums. That way when you login with the new account hopefully you'll be able to remember that instead of accidentally logging in via Google, which is easily done.

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