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Focus and Focus Plus ROM update - October 27, 2020


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Focus and Focus Plus Firmware Update

 Released: October 27, 2020


VIVE Focus Plus ROM: 4.14.623.1


VIVE Focus ROM (Global version): 3.13.623.1

VIVE Focus ROM (China version): 3.13.1405.1



Great news!  We have a big firmware update packed with new features that just released today. 


 Please read below for the highlights and full list of features: 


   When you’re ready to upgrade your device(s) -

    From the Viveport Home Menu > Settings > System Update to upgrade. 



·         Show non-VR apps (e.g. Mobile Device Management) in the Library.

·         Record VR experience with Screen Recording.

·         Adjust casting screen ratio from 1:1 to 16:9.

·         Support VPN connection in More Settings.

·         Activate Kiosk mode by default.

·         Upgrade WAVE SDK to version 3.2.



1.       Support two MDM solutions, AirWatch and MobileIron.

Note: In this update, the Launcher > Library will show 2D apps installed by users. (apps in data partition)

2.       Adjust casting screen ratio from square (1:1) to rectangular (16:9).

Note: Any app rebuilt with WAVE SDK 3.1.94 can support 16:9 casting. (even it runs on older ROM version) In-house apps (ex: Launcher) will support 16:9 casting in this SU update.

3.       Support debugfs and atrace for developers to perform app profiling.

4.       Support screen recording.

User can start/stop screen recording via Quick Menu. The ratio of video is 1:1, and will be saved in internal storage.

5.       Enhance screen share experience.

Add “Casting”, “Screenshot” functions to Quick Menu.

6.       Support MediaProjection permission for app developing.

7.       Add Wi-Fi domain setting into COTA configuration.

Enterprise customer can batch configure Wi-Fi connectivity with domain setting via COTA.

8.       Lower the volume of boot animation.

9.       Support VPN function in More Settings.

The same UI and settings of VPN function in smartphone.

10.   Make Tutorial app visible in Library.

11.   Upgrade to WAVE SDK v3.2.

12.   Activate Kiosk mode by default.


Thank you again for your patience and support.


 The VIVE Team

Edited by JustinVive
removed PC streaming feature.
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After that update I got some problem. If device report "tracking is lost" and than restore tracking, device enable frontal cameras so i can see surrounding area but I don't see any way how disable that mode. Only what I can do at this point restart or power of device. Do I miss some settings?

Edited by Stanislav Kostikov
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