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VR still worthwhile? Aside from the new experience, where is the content?


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Rewording based on Se7en11’s feedback – thanks for the reply.


Not owning a device, there seems to be many titles available when glancing through the titles available.  However, when I look at them more closely or watch reviews of the games, there doesn’t seem to be any big titles considering the time frame the device has been out.  It seems to be a hand full of titles that are worthwhile the investment and nothing that comes close to a AAA game.  Same with the Rift though.


I understand it is new technology in its latest release and titles will come.  Patience is certainly not a virtue of mine (:


Just looking for feedback on the development of bigger, longer playing storylines etc. as I see Rift has some in the pipeline but not a whole lot of press on new Vive games.   With Facebook’s investment in the Rift, I am curious to see if that will be the funding needed to better quality games in the future and concerns me with exclusives.


Again, I don’t own a device so my exposure to the games is limited and I certainly don’t have the perspective or knowledge that existing users have.  Just something I am noticing and considering in the decision-making process and all feedback is welcomed.

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Ready for purchase but concerned about the lack of content considering the time on the market.  Thoughts from those who have had it for a while?   I see VR as the future but worry about developers/timetables/budgets staying in line with my vision. Just concerned about the investment considering the very little worthwhile content on the market. Would love to hear thoughts from existing users.

You dont own a VR headset but come out with a Comment like "Very little worthwhile content on the market" 

There is more than enough content at this early stage in the game Still less than a year since its release into the market.

 If you were trying to say there are very few AAA titles on the market that would make more sense.

But these games do take time to make if you Cant wait for them stick with a Console or Pc to play games.  

With Any new Tech the people that buy into at an early stage understand its not going to be perfect, Its not going to be cheap and it will take a long time before it become mainstream. 

For me im glad i have my Vive, Its worth every bit of money i have spent on it. 



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Not to beat a dead horse.. but good games do take time. Most developers are tight lipped as last thing they want is a dozen cheap clones released right before their game.


Upcomming games, just off the top of my head:

Doom VR

Fallout 4 VR

Portal (something in the universe) VR

HTC's Call of Duty type game

A brand new game Ip from Valve

Budget Cuts


Plenty more with vids, etc can be found with a simple search on youtube:



I know they are working on plenty of other unannounced and secret games.. I mean, according to several reports, the last game conference was filled with VR games, not flat games and even the guy behind GTA V just left to start up a new VR games company. This is one of those times the games may just come before the market. But I think these companies know VR is the future, so they probably figure it is better to make a name in it now and get a understanding of how to make VR games.

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I have tested at least two new games in development this month that wont be released for 6 more months and they blow away most games that are out now. 
Its just a waiting game. 
 you forgot to mention John Wick game coming out in March 
Thats the one im getting excited over 

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