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How to work on Asus FX 504


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Hey, I want to ask about how can I connect the vive cosmos to asus fx 504. It haven't Dp or type c port.

Can I just use some adapter like:


And turn the type C again to other interface, maybe to type A or something.

I think the  configuration list for FX 504 is here:


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@U2andki This is a budget laptop that isn't compatible with current gen headsets. You may be able to use some first gen, HDMI driven headsets but none of the Displayport dependent headsets (Cosmos, Pro, Rift S, Index, etc...) will work on this HMDI. The GTX1050 and the 1050Ti are not VR compatible but the 1050Ti is a notorious edge case that will drive first gen headsets in some configurations but not all.

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