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Developers Get 100% Revenue Share on Viveport for the 2020 Holidays


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Each year we look to celebrate our developer community while offering our full support during their busiest season. With November and December being the most profitable months for game developers, we’re announcing that VIVEPORT developers will earn 100% net revenue share for their titles on the platform through the end of the year.


From November 1st through the end of 2020, developers can participate by submitting and opting-in their titles to any of the following Viveport programs:

  • Viveport Store: One Time Purchase
  • Viveport Infinity Program
  • Viveport Arcade Program
  • or using Viveport In-App Purchase service

For a step-by-step guide on how to submit titles to Viveport and receive 100% net revenue share for the rest of 2020, follow the steps below:

New Viveport Developers:

  1. Log in to the Developer Console
  2. On the default “My Titles” page, select “Add New Title” and upload the required files and details for your content
  3. When you see the ‘Program Opt-ins’ step, make sure you have opted in to at least one of the Viveport programs

Existing Viveport Developers:

  1. Log in to the Developer Console
  2. Select your VR title
  3. On the default ‘Program Opt-ins’ tab, make sure you have opted into at least one of the Viveport revenue share programs

Thank you for being a part of the Viveport developer community and bringing unreal experiences to our headsets! Remember to connect with us on our Developer Community Forums and stay up to date on the latest developer news through the Developer Portal.

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