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Can I distribute my VR application via my website instead of Steam or Viveport?


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I think you can as i have played a few games that are not on Steam or Viveport. 
WeareVR have games that i dont see anywhere else so i guess its possible. 
As for the Eula not sure where you will find that. 
Speak to  about the community or using viveport


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Hi , I'm not sure what EULA you might be referring to, let me know if you track down that source.


As far as I know, you're free to distribute wherever and however you like, according to the terms of whatever engine you may have used - or not used, as the case may be. It's your creation.


Obviously, distribution services like Viveport and Steam offer a heck of a lot of convenience for developers, but we're not the only solution. :)

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Definitely yes.

It  depends on the engine manufacturer, as described Rockjaw.


For example:

Epic Games - UE4   http://www.unrealengine.com/what-is-unreal-engine-4


We give you everything so you can build anything. You get all tools, all features, all platforms, all source code, complete projects, sample content, regular updates and bug fixes.



The 5% royalty starts after the first $3,000 of revenue per product per quarter. Pay no royalty for film projects, contracting and consulting projects such as architecture, simulation and visualization.



Unity 3D


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