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@chengnay  Video recording is working inside Focus Plus. I just need to open context menu and start recording. The only question is how to start and stop recording not manually but from unity app.

Maybe you can adviise to whom i can address this question? We have a big client to whom this functionality is very important.

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@chengnay @Tony PH Lin Thank you. Hi, Tony.

We produce VR trainining courses using Focus Plus. Our client - InterRAO, the major electricity generation company in Russia - wants to record all the actions during the training. We find video recording option in the last Focus Plus firmware. To start recording it's necessary to choose Screen recording option in the local menu of the HMD. Captured videos are stored in Movies\Sreenrecorder folder of the HMD.

We need to start and stop this videorecording not manually from local HMD menu but automatically from our application - start recording at the begining of the training and stop at the end of it. The questions is how can we do it from our Unity app.



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