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VIVE OpenXR support for VIVE Cosmos


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Hi Dario, minor change. I still have the same appearance as previously posted, with a difference. If I stand in a certain position and launch the flight it will display it but I can't move. If I move it all goes black. While the image is black if you launch the menu from the vr headset while the menu is displaying in the background the simulator is appearing and functional. If I close the menu it all goes black. I have reset the standing and sitting positions with no positive results. 

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@DarioI have tried a few different scenarios which may help better understanding the possible issue being encountered with MSFS2020:

- I re-performed the room calibration, I performed the "one location" calibration.

- Once launching FS2020, it seemed as you were looking into a tube, and the image of FS2020 was displayed at the end of the tube.

- When launching FS2020 in this condition, it would first display full image (VR image) for .5sec or so, then to tube mode and remained in that mode.

- Reperformed the room calibration, this time with "Large" room, only difference (if you may recall above), when a flight was launched in FS2020, I had to be a foot or so from my display panel in order for it to display correctly in the VR. So, I decided to set the new boundary limit's behind my seating location.

- By offsetting these boundaries, when a flight is now launched with FS2020, it displays correctly and works.

- I guess there is no way to disable the VR stream being displayed on the monitor at the same time... at least with FS2020..

- Please note: This version of SteamVR seems to intermittently crash, no set time as to when it will crash, it can be instantly or 10min of flying FS2020. / All of the FS2020 menus, continue to display as noted in the image I uploaded last night, no change noted with how the menus display. The only time that the image displays correctly, once launch a flight (Again, in the boundaries off-set condition as noted above).

  I hope this helps, as it seem to be related to a possible mis-coordinates/true location with MS FS2020 active.

Thank you

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@Patrik please try today's new update  - improvements include re-centering issue

@CDG please try Tuesday's SteamVR beta 1.16.2  - from Valve's release notes:

If you encounter issues with this update, please post in the SteamVR Bug Report forum. If possible, please include a system report to aid in tracking down your issue. Replies to this post are not tracked for bug reporting purposes. Please use the forum linked above to report issues.

Fixed vertex order for visibility masks to match the spec.
Fixed crash on app startup on Linux.


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@Dario I have finally loaded the latest SteamVR beta 1.16.2, I can say, this version is not crashing as the previous version, that is really good news.

- No change in how FS2020 menu displays, same as the provided image.

- As for the simulation:

  1. Launched MSFS 2020
  2. Pressed CTRL+Tab to enter VR mode (had the black circles)
  3. in Game, pressed the button on the side of the headset to open the Steam VR Home menu
  4. Pressed the settings button (cogs) bottom right
  5. From the “Play Area” Menu Item in the left hand menu, I turned “always show floor bounds” to on
  6. Selected “Home” from the bottom middle of the screen
  7. Selected return to Game
  8. Black Circles were gone

Thank you

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