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VIVE OpenXR support for VIVE Cosmos


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Thanks for the video, so it's not updating correctly, you should also see it update hmd firmware as well.  Try uninstalling the Vive Console and reinstalling (and clear related AppData). Always wait a bit after downloading an update as there's a second part that updates the hmd - make sure it's not behind the console window.


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It's working for most of us - I think you're not waiting for the update to complete, again the hmd needs updating as well (same steps just need to wait for 2 separate progress bars) - switching from/to beta line will force updates, then go back to Private to try again.

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I recently picked up a Cosmos so I can get stuck into game development for VR, and have turned on the beta modes, installed the preview packages and updated everything as needed, but I have met with a problem. When I am using the test build everything works great, but when I press play from the editor in the controls sample scene, the HMD is blank. Likewise with the project I am working on. I am using unity 2020.2.4f1. Does anyone know why that might be?

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@oldmanwoofaAre you starting VR development with OpenXR? If not, this forum is just for early development with OpenXR - the beta/private test programs we are referring to here is  in the context of using OpenXR which is still in preview with Unity and out of preview with UE4. There's no need for the beta branches if you're using existing toolkits like the SteamVR plugin.

If indeed you are going for OpenXR development you're in the right place. For Unity, you''ll need to also add the package provided in this forum (pinned Unity post) to add the feature for the Unity OpenXR package, which is an additional "feature" package for supporting the Cosmos controller input (since the buttons are different - e.g. there's additional buttons). Note, this is an early preview as well since the Unity XR input APIs are still changing in the previews. We'll be posting updates and additional tutorials shortly.

If you want to simply get started with OpenXR apps on the Vive Cosmos OpenXR runtime (SteamVR OpenXR runtime recommended for the Cosmos Elite),  enable the beta branch and select the Enable OpenXR switch (in the Vive Console) - if you're not seeing the switch please use the private beta branch as described in the main post in this thread.






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Please note there's  a new update: (details forthcoming)




If you are having trouble seeing the "Enable OpenXR" switch when you enable "Beta Program" please try the previous method of using the Private Test Program with the following activiation code: OPENXRBETADEV00


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@Dario Thanks for getting back to me. I have all the required unity files installed and joined the beta program before I posted. I followed everything on this thread beforehand. The problem is purely that my project is not feeding data to the HMD. Using Vive's test build works, mine doesn't. I am wondering if there is something I have done wrong on my end. See attached image for installed packages. I am wondering if there is a version conflict? I have also noticed in one of the videos posted previously that they are using HDRP, I am using URP so that I can also build for other platforms as well. Is there a conflict between HDRP and URP that prevents output to the HMD?

Is there any reason why enabling the OpenXR preview turns the Beta program off?


vive 2.png

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On 11/18/2020 at 11:14 PM, Dario said:

Announcing the early access OpenXR Developer Preview - UPDATED

Intended audience: OpenXR application developers who currently include OpenXR support in current game engines (e.g. UE4 applications using the OpenXR plugin) or custom apps/engines that implement the OpenXR specification.

What is OpenXR?

OpenXR is a royalty-free, open standard that provides high-performance access to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)—collectively known as XR— platforms and devices. To learn more about using OpenXR to develop VR application, check out the OpenXR 1.0 specification, API reference and quick reference guide. For more information, see the Khronos OpenXR page.


OpenXR Extensions supported: (updated)

XR_EXT_hand_tracking (supported via API layer) 


Current Version:




Enabling OpenXR Preview

Note: To enable please go to Vive Console Settings and use the code:



Development For UE4 Developers:

UE4 developers can start with this project:

Documentation for OverrideOpenXRPlugin Project.pdf 869.06 kB · 25 downloads
OverrideOpenXRPlugin.zip 121.38 MB · 28 downloads

UPDATE:   ViveOpenXRPlugin_UE426.zip 42.28 MB · 15 downloads


  • New Vive OpenXR Unreal Plugin to support Unreal 4.26
  • OpenXR.Documentation is inside the package.


Development For Unity Developers:

Note: Unity has released a preview version of the Open XR plugin for Unity 2020.2
Please see the related post for detailed information and for the download link to the Vive Cosmos Controller Feature for Unity OpenXR:

Sample OpenXR applications:  (additional examples forthcoming in forum)

If you're interested in simply trying out an OpenXR sample app with the Vive Cosmos,  Here is a sample build:  

CosmosControllerSample(Unity).zip 27.25 MB · 22 downloads

There are also third party applications already available. One example is  Blender which supports OpenXR (inlcuding the Vive Cosmos OpenXR preview runtime) within the Blender application which helps designers test their creations without leaving the Blender editor: 

Additional Notes:
Please note if you are having issues, please check or install the latest Visual C++ redistributable found here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads

Stay tuned for additional documentation and examples and updates.

Can I beta test the console? College question I may be going to UAT and use advanced Vr learning techniques. 

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1 hour ago, Funny_guy6996 said:

Can I beta test the console? College question I may be going to UAT and use advanced Vr learning techniques. 

Of course, again this runtime is for the Vive Cosmos and available for free when you select the beta program in the console. You can also use SteamVR's OpenXR runtime - the OpenXR plugin for Unity (or Unreal) should support all the runtimes out there (except Android runtimes on Unity  currently)

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