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USB 3.0 adapter for laptop


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So i got a HTC Vive Cosmos Elite on cyber monday, but it appears i dont have a USB 3.0 port on either of my 2 laptops. everything else is good, plugged in. is there a adapter or converter that could allow me to access my motherboard without using a USB 3.0? goal is to skip the USB 3.0 port since i dont got one. i might need a converter to try any VR unless i get a higher end desktop PC, which i could do but that's very high cost  just for VR. 

the plug i need is marked L2
model 2Q2R500

pc specs for the better laptop: 

MSI GS63VR-6RF stealth pro laptop

windows 10

intel (R) HD graphics 530

intel (R) core (TM) i7 6700 HQ CPU @2.60 Ghz (8 cores) 

64 bit

Steam VR performance test says:

your system is running well enough for recommended high quality VR!

average quality: 7 (high)

0 frames below 90FPS

customer support said:
"To be honest with you, the USB 3.0 is pretty important to make the vive work, and we can not recommend a converter since it can affect the device performance. I have seen cases where there's no display at all. or just not a good resolution, tracking issues.. the USB you are missing is a USB 3.0"

i can return this up till December 30th

so i guess the question is: Is there a adapter or converter device that would allow me to use my VR headset without buying a desktop pc?

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