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Disgusting warranty (illegal pratice)


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So I've owned a cosmos elite for less than 3 months, the cable has become frayed, and the internal wires are showing (no damage was caused by me physical or otherwise) I tried to claim for a new cable under warranty and have been told to pay the full amount of a warranty, postage and e.t.c

This is disgusting the cable and headset should 100% be for free under warranty, why should I have to pay for a new cable, this is disgusting the internal wires are showing and I have to pay for a cable, this is terrible.. the whole cable apart for the frayed section is in mint condition looks fantastic, clean as a fiddle never kept on the floor, and I'm supposed to pay.. WHAT THE HELL!


I was told that cables aren't protected under warranty... this is disgusting this cable isn't fit for purpose and I've probably had a really bad cable and I'm getting told to PAY.. that's bad, you'd think for something that probably costs near to nothing to make that this would be replaced for free.  you spend 900£ on a headset then get told oh well now you've got to spend an extra £100 on a new cable..


Someone pointed me to a part in the warranty (live chat person) that mentioned something to do with cosmetic damage isn't covered by warranty, so you're telling me that the outer protective wire cover for the internal cables is just a cosmetic cover and means nothing.. that's disgusting that's like a company selling a computer power supply then the power cable gets torn / frayed and they say, oh we don't cover that, congratulations you've now got a live 1000W or something power supply cable on the floor unprotected (this is an example) sure nobody would use this psu but that's just an example.



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