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Doubt in htc for cosmos


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Doubt in htc for cosmos. Some time ago htc sold us the usb type c port for mobile or cell phone. In the end what was left or what was the reason. It only remains to use the usb type c for eye tracking ?. Isn't that port useful for anything else? I'm not saying use the virtual link directly to the pc. I don't know if the cable gives enough power to turn on the viewer. But it is only a doubt.


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@cusa123 - Unfortunately I can speak to specifics but in short, we had a plan and that plan unfortunately can't currently work at scale across a wide range of hardware from various manufacturers for a variety of reasons outside of our influence and control. The USB-C port can be used as a generic USB port and people commonly use that onboard port for headphones, microphones, camera mods, and other types of mods.

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