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Hello! So I've been having this ongoing issue with my trackers for about a week or two now from the time of posting. My trackers aren't able to connect/pair while my hand trackers are. I don't know why this is happening, but I do know that my current headset (Valve Index) is getting replaced. I don't know if it's the headset that causes the issue for my trackers as well, but it only allows 2 trackers, 2 controllers, or a controller and a tracker to be paired at once, never the whole set up (2 controllers and 3 trackers). Is there a fix to this? 

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@Lumine - Are you using the included dongles that ship with the Vive trackers? Each SteamVR tracked devices requires it's own specialized proprietary bluetooth receiver. The headset has 2 receivers, one for each controller. If you don't use the dongles, the trackers can theoretically pair to the HMDs receivers bumping the controllers. You'll have to use a dongle for each of the trackers you're trying to use. You could have a scenario where one of your dongles is broken - you can try to unplug the 3 of them and try to isolate if any of them doesn't work.

There is no hard limit on the number of trackers you can connect. That said, they all use the same ~2.45Ghz bluetooth signals so you'll hit a limit with the number of bluetooth devices you can have in your environment before they start to interfere with each other, usually between 10-16 depending on how much 2.4Ghz wifi signals you also have in your environment. Disabling 2.4Ghz SSIDs can increase connectivity when dealing with large numbers of trackers. The trackers ship with a little USB-extender. This is specifically to space out the receivers to prevent them from interfering with each other and using them is recommended. 

You could try using this technique to reset your SteamVR pairing file:


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