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Fluid movement controls..?


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Hi Everyone.!


Just got my my Vive, and like everyone else im really excited about it..

Got a handfull of games going: Bullit Sorrow,Serious sam, Space pirate trainer, ect..

Everything looks amazing.. only problem.. Movement..?

It might just be me missing a memo.. but is it not possible to move around in the various VR worlds like in a "normal" computergame.. whats with this teleporting..?

Im using the controllers that come with the Vive, but in a game like Serious Sam.. I simply cant figure out the controls.. it seems clumpsy at best to have to use 2 controllers to walk,rotate,stafe..

again, there might be an important VR point that im missing.. but anyone with the same experience out there..?



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Ok A few points 
practice Practice Practice: to get used to any game thats what it takes.
I didnt like rec room teleport to start with, A few hours in and it felt natural they then added trackpad movement and i just cant play the game with it. 
Onward has trackpad movement it makes a lot of people sick and they want Teleport which just wont work.  Again first time i played it i couldn't use it put it aside for a month went back tried again now 100+ hours into the game it feel natural. 
Serious SAM is just crazy on trackpad if you don't have "vr legs" you will end up being sick. 

Developers cant win every game has a different configuration to move shoot etc one might feel normal to you but to others its totally alien. 

There is a discussion on Reddit at the moment with the same points was it you who started the thread?
Reddit post

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