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Microsoft Flight simulator - stuck at the first


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Hi All,

I just down loaded Microsoft flight simulator VR, and I am trying to just my HTC vive. I am stuck on at the first menu because there is no key binding for 'reset camera position'    image.thumb.png.245f49313b00e701dfd5f9991d29dbe5.png

How to assign a key binding to this? Just clicking camera reset in the steam VR menu does not get passed this stage. I have not been able to find a way of making a key binding, and in the MS settings, I have not been able to set a key for it.

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fixed ...

in MS FSim.


Do this before you attempt to enable VR. At the main menu:
On the left side, set Filter to “ALL”
In the “SEARCH BY NAME” field type “VR”. You should then see 4 VR-related keybindings.
On the line “VR-CAMERA RESET” click the dark grey box to the right of the text
Enter the keypress you want to use (I used CTRL-Space)
Click “Validate”
Your key binding should now show on the “VR-Camera Reset” line.


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@jon.graham - Yeah, this is v confusing and tripped me up. Some people are seeing a default binding of CTRL + Tab, others don't have a defaulted value and need to assign one. It's an FS2020 sim thing that happens with every type of compatible headset - it's not specific to any single headset and is specific to flight sim. You may also find that you need to have SteamVR closed before attempting to start SteamVR from within FS2020.

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