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Cosmos Elite Screen Black


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I recently got a Vive Cosmos Elite. I have setup everything however, the screen itself is sitting blank. The status indicator is RED, however the tracking still works (I can move headset around and see it moving when displaying VR View). Along with this, no audio is playing through the headset. I am not using any adapter. It is plugged directly into a Display Port. 

GPU: RTX 2070


Trace No: 20201225224046 

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I'm having the exact same issue (I posted here a few days earlier). Additionally, today in desperation, I unpacked my old Original HTC Vive from 2016 and hooked it up to the same PC and it worked just fine! This looks more like a hardware issue with the Vive Cosmos or at least a Cosmos-specific software update issue.

No luck so far with HTC Support via email. Its been almost a week for me and I really need some resolution on my $1000 piece of hardware that literally does not work.

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