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is it possible to have 6 HTC VR in same place


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Dear People ,


As title suggests i am trying to have 6 HTC VIVE in same place and as we know per VR we have 2 Base Station.


and i am tasked with the following:-

1- to have Aircraft Fight Game such as : War Thunder ,  IL-2 Sturmovik , Ace of Combat.

so is it possible to have 6 VR in same room? and the room it's like a gaming room where we have 6 PC with the tables and gaming stations.

and is it possible to have 1 Base station for every VR instead of 2? and how to setup the VR to be seated instead of standing.

it's very crucial task that was assigned to me and i hope to find my answer here 😞 

and my last question what is the best Flying joystick for the games i mentioned ?

http://www.thrustmaster.com/node/9090 i bought this joystick but i think it's not good enough

https://www.amazon.ae/Logitech-Throttle-Simulator-Controller-Programmable/dp/B079Z3DSBK/ref=asc_df_B079Z3DSBK/?tag=googleshopp09-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=358914579757&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=13784832558762424277&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1000010&hvtargid=pla-564627029509&psc=1 what do you think about this one? is it better ?

i appreciate your answers and sorry for my bad english.

Thank you ❤️ and happy new year.

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Hello @SolidSnake,

  • Are you using Vive or Vive Pro? Base station 1.0 or 2.0? The answers vary widely based off which hardware you're using.
  • If you're using the original Vive with 1st generation base stations, the maximum number you can have in a single room is 2 units. That technology only has two channels and the units will interfere with one another.
    • The newer 2.0 base stations allow for upto 16 units in a single room. This multi-channel functionality makes these type of arcade setups dramatically easier.
    • There's no hard limit per say off how many units you can drive off a single pair of 1.0 base stations. The limit comes from a practical limit - they have a limited tracking volume (5x5m) and so there's a limited number of devices you can fit into that area safely and have them all have ample line of sight with the base station to prevent tracking loss from occlusion. Having a seated experience helps but you're still going to hit hard limits on how many units you can safely pack in a 5x5 meter space.
    • You can try to strategically position your 1.0 stations so that the base station pairs are somewhat separated but your success will really be case by case. It's almost always easier and more reliable for commercial settings to use some form of separation that's opaque to ~835nM IR such as stage curtains or pop-up walls/room dividers.
    • Per your question above - yes, you can run a headset off a single 1.0 station set to channel "A". It limits tracking usually to 180 degree tracking since it increases the chance of "occlusion". You can limit this by mounting the unit overhead so the station has a "birds eye view" of the target playspace. Cockpits and racing chairs are actually the best case scenario for this type of deployment but it doesn't fully eliminate the fact that the different tracking zones need to be somewhat optically isolated from one another to avoid interference.
    • It's much easier to use Pro and 2.0 tracking if you're still able to. Using 1.0 stations for this type of setup is technically possible but it requires a decent amount of effort on your end to get it set up in a stable way unless you use physical paritions to separate out the station pairs.
  • The T-flight line is really good as a budget pick. It's not the most durable but should last a while. More expensive flight sticks are obviously higher quality but it's debatable as to how much it would impact the user experience since most users in an arcade setting will only be using the setup for a few minutes and won't be enthusiasts using it for hundreds of hours on end. They tend to be more durable but also have a higher repair/replacement cost. Also - the kit you linked has rudder pedals but the Logitech one would require you to source your own rudder pedals which is extra $$$.
  • Flight sticks are in a global shortage due to Microsoft Flight Sim 2020. It's really hard to get units and prices are really high for whatever stock pops up.

Depending on where you are in your project, it may make sense to be connected from someone from our enterprise team.

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