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Can there be a budget version of vive so that everyone can experience vr


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VIVE is the best quality full experience VR headset for the money. I don't care what Rifters claim or any other fan of another system. There is no budget system when it comes to hardware that does a superior job. Asking what you are asking is like is like asking for a budget Corvette or Lambourgini or Yacht. The VIVE system is ahead of its time in my opinion. The only thing I think they could have pushed in there was a higher resolution HMD but I am ok with what they have right now as developers can make the games look good if they choose to put the time into the game. That being said newer HMDs are coming and will be better in some ways than what we have now but they won't be cheap as every new product will have to be sold to make a return on investment. It will be like video cards. The new stuff will cost a lot and you will have to wait for time to pass and sales to afford the good video cards or buy last generation stuff. There are no short cuts with this kind of technology. You pay less than yo uget what you pay for. Work extra hours or get a second job to pay for one. If you really want something you sacrifice for it. Stop smoking, drinking alcohol, buying drugs, buying lunch and dinner out, etc. It really is simple. Most people make saving money a bigger deal than it is. The problem is not lack of time of lack of patience. People all want stuff now without working hard for it.

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