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Vive trackers jittering, shaking problem

Johny Mnemonic

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Vive trackers are shaking in specific places in a room. Sometimes they shake, sometimes they don't. Knuckles controllers are tracking perfectly.

Video of the problem: https://streamable.com/g0533w

Steam log files are attached.

What can be causing this problem? Maybe it's bad USB 2.0 slot quality? 

I read that it's recommended to buy some Inateck USB controllers.  I need to connect 8 Vive trackers. What USB PCIe card is recommended?

Maybe my room has IR reflective walls? What material should I use to cover the walls so IR signal won't be reflected? I tried to cover one wall (only a part of it) with bedsheet, but did not notice any improvement in tracking accuracy. 

I noticed that when I have only two base stations turned on - tracking is much more stable. Maybe Index and Vive Pro base stations are incompatible with each other? (although they look the same visually).


My setup:

Wi-fi is turned off.

Room is about 5 to 4 meters and roomscale is setup to 4x3 meters. Room has white PVC wall and ceiling panels. 

Four base stations (two Valve Index Base Stations (bought seperately) plus two SteamVR Base Station 2.0 from Vive Pro bundle)

Vive Pro + VIVE Wireless adapter ( https://www.vive.com/eu/accessory/wireless-adapter/ )

Eight Vive trackers 2.0 connected to USB 2.0 powered 10-ports hub + eight USB 2.0 extender cables (so dongles are apart from each other at 1 meter distance).

Latest SteamVR beta.





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I think I have the same problem. I have a very small room with inclined ceiling so there is no perfect way to put the lighthouses and I use VR only sitting in my chair and mostly without the controllers. One lighthouse is 1m infront of me, the other one to the rear right about 2m away. There is also a window in this room which I tried to cover with a bedsheet to reduce reflections but that didn't do a thing. The picture is constantly jittering a tiny bit but it's really distracting. I don't think this is a USB issue. I am surprised not more people have this issue.

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no real Answer ....


this describes the same Problem i have.

i got my Vive tracker 2.0 and want to use it for motion compensation for a Sim Racing Rig.

if this thing shakes like in the example video and this causes shacking for the VR Display ... so its NOT usable !!!!

the normal Valve Index controllers work fine without any shacking .... but i do not want to use them as motion compensation reference point

so how can i fix this issue ?


sometimes it floats away to infinity .... maybe a low batterie issue ?

is there a way to swapout the batterie? maybe it's worn out ( bought it used)





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