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Separate left and right camera display


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I am using HTC Vive Pro Eye with Unity (version 2019.4.11) in pass-through modality. To do so, I have imported the SRWorks SDK.

I want to see separate displays for the right and left camera, as in the picture attached. 

How can I do so?

Thank you


Split screen.png


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You may choose which of the cameras to be rendered with the 'View' option in the Stereoscopic camera attribute - for your case 'Left' and 'Right'.

You can use the 'Stereoscopic preview' in the VFB to preview the effect (button located in the bottom toolbar of the frame buffer).
This seems to work normally. Make sure you add the 'Physical camera result ' attribute to both left and right cameras and assure you are in the correct view.

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