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[VIVEPORT] UserStats.DownloadStats fails error 50001


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I'm trying to implement viveport stats and achievements, but the callback from UserStats.DownloadStats keeps returning error 50001.

The documentation says:
50001 HTTP    Invalid account ID/VIVEPORT ID/VIVEPORT Key

I've already confirmed that the Viveport ID is correct and its the only thing needed for the initialization of the achievement api (according to the documentation).
I do get a valid account data back from User.GetUserId() and User.GetUserName().

Any help on this ?
I've found some other people with the same problem but all treads seem to be dead/abandoned without a solution. @Corvus


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For any devs experiencing error 50001 it is usually either the wrong app ID/Key copied from the dev console or not being logged into the Viveport PC client with the main developer account (that created the title listing). Most Viveport SDK api calls don't actually work fully with beta testers yet (only the DRM function fully works). If anyone else is experiencing these issue please post on the forums or contact support.

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