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Refurbished Vive has so many issues


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Hi, to start off I should go into detail about what I did, first off the HDMI cable that came for the link box connected into the back of my PC, didn't even register my Vive as being on and couldn't detect it so everything grayed out as a result of the headset not being tracked, on top of that I the headset would be in green LED until you loaded up Steamvr (Which I needed to do to set up my room playspace) and once I did that it would constantly disconnect and reconnect to my pc and make the annoying noise of the USB being constantly removed and connected again.

Finally I used a hdmi > displayport adaptor to test out what would happen and finally it decided to register my Headset as being on and tracked it with my base stations, along with that the HMD doesn't want to ever turn on, no matter what I do or attempt it will never turn on, I tried 6 different hdmi cables plugging into the linkbox and my PC and got same result of it not detecting my headset and therefore disconnecting everything and graying it out. I know it's outputting something but the only thing that will ever display to steamvr seems to be the hdmi > DIsplayport adaptor but it never displays on my hmd. I've ordered a mini displayport > displayport adaptor in a hope I can use the mini port as a way to get my headset to work with alright frames (Though I doubt it). whenever I do get a working display to appear on the vr screen viewer for steamvr it always appears to be with the display port and the error 436 ( attached below) I have a feeling it's a linkbox & 3 in 1 cable issue, but I'm unsure and unable to buy another to find out, so I'm interested in fixing this as it is.

If there is any solution that anyone here can think of I'd love to know because I've been trying at it for 8 hours now with 10 different friends (all of whom experienced with Vive headsets) try to help me out and sort it but I'm at a loss of what to do.

I should also mention, with the regular hdmi, I get a red LED & no display on the HMD, and a green LED with displayport and no display on the HMD. I haven't gotten anything on the HMD at all, apart from a slight flash when I first plugged it in, but that is all


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