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Blueprint Tutorials in UE4

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Hi, I've started using the SRanipal blueprints in my UE4 projects but the following piece of code always shows 0.0 for both eyes while it's running. I have version 2 of Start Eye Framework activated and connected to Event BeginPlay already.

I'm also confused as to what exactly is the Get Eye Weighting function, and I'm not really sure about how exactly I can use the Focus and Get Gaze Ray functions as well. Are there any tutorials / examples available I can use? 

I want to save all these in arrays which I'll then export outside unreal. I think I'll use the Victory Plugin for the export. Thanks in advance!


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Okay so I figured out how to make it work. Event tick ties the sensor with your framerate, which is leading to some errors. I created a custom event and called that using a timer that loops from the start of the entire level. Here's a screenshot of what I made, and it's working (ignore the array, I'm still working on that part). I still need help with the Focus, Get Gaze Ray and Eye Weightings but if I can solve them by myself I'll update this thread for anyone who's a beginner and stuck on the fundamentals like me.



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