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Can never pair third Vive Tracker


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I have a valve index.
I bought three Vive trackers a while back for FBT for a couple games.

I was able to get it to work once with a couple tracking issues. This was several months back. I am now attempting to get them working again and I can not for the life of me get them all connected. Only the 2 controllers plus 2 trackers pair up. If I unpair and pair the trackers first, I can get all 3, but only one controller.

I am using 3 separate dongles that came with them for each of the trackers. I have tried testing to see if one of the dongles is bad, but any two I plug in at a time work. It's always the third that never does. I can get all of them to show up if i plug the last tracker in directly over USB.

I have tried putting the third dongle on both the expansion card I have and the front I/O hub on my case. No luck.

This is really frustrating and any help is appreciated.

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