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Can we update the display mirror for 2021? It's not 2018 anymore...


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Greetings all!. 


This post is a petition for us to get a better display vr mirror in the vive console.

Back in 2018-17ish times when the vive console was not a thing, we used the steam VR display mirror.
It displayed the eye in it's round shape. Nobody liked this, we all sought out mods to stretch it oddly to 16:9 with the weird corner on the screen. 

Over time, Steam learned and implemented a change. They allowed for the steam display mirror to output in 16:9 natively. Reception was overwhelmingly positive!

Fast forward to today....

For months I've made several attempts at tweaking my RTX 2080 and Cosmos Elite Wireless performance using available settings, render resolutions etc but no matter what I do, for some reason my steam vr display mirror lags like crazy compared to the native game output, or, compared to the vive console's display vr mirror!.

The solution would be to simply switch to the cosmos display mirror, but please look at this screenshot seriously. Who in the right mind wants to share/display content like this.?image.png.7873d11b35601f1989902f6b25d25099.png




This method is so archaic for the standards of VR. It is ugly, does not provide a meaningful trade off for the users watching without a headset (does not add to the immersion) It's just terrible. 

This feels like the old fish eye 2009 skater videos everyone made in high school. 

Could we PLEASE have an update to this?. A full 16:9 image from left eye, right eye, or centered as it will vary depending on what the game/application being used will be. 

Thank you for coming to my ted talk

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