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Headset Not Detected / Bluetooth Not Available


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I've recently purchased an HTC Vive Pro full kit. I had followed the instructions, and got the system working once. (Headset, controllers, base stations, all worked). I then attempted to install the Wireless kit (no luck, was not compatible with ANY pcie slot). So I removed the PCIE card, and uninstalled the wireless software, and the HTC Vive Pro system no longer worked.

Steps taken since first failed attempt to recover

- I did a complete factory reinstall, full low level formatting of the drives (to make sure absolutely no data remained on my hard drive). Windows 10
- Downloaded and reinstalled all the most recent drivers from my PC manufacturer
- Installed the HTC Vive Pro full kit exactly as instructed by the (www.vive.com/setup/vive-pro) suggested software.
- Detecting USB Connection failed...
- Detecting DisplayPort connection failed...

I have moved the USB port several times, done the SteamVR->Developer->Remove uSB Drivers and restart the PC several times. I have tried to do the SteamVR->Create System Report when using a USB 3 port, nothing. I am all out of options (spent about 24 hours trying to troubleshoot this and no luck).

I'm open to trying more options, as I've already completely nuked this computer once to try to get this working, I am fine treaking more settings if anything would help.

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