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Vive Cosmos continues to try and detect displayport


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I recently got my hands on a Vive Cosmos, I have a 1660 TI and have used monitors connected to the DisplayPorts before however no matter which one I try, the Cosmos just doesn't seem to connect.

I don't know if it's an issue with the hardware or what but any help is appreciated.

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@apparition, Also please confirm that the headset is powered on (red LED light on the side) and check to see when you plug it in if windows makes the "device connected" noise to help verify the USB is working.

Are you trying to drive multiple monitors while using Cosmos? Multi-monitor setups can sometimes really mess with VR headsets.

I'd also make sure that you're connecting the headset (e.g. turning on the linkbox) after windows is booted to avoid the headset being treated by Windows like a standard 2D monitor.

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Hi, I'm having the same issue. Cosmos w/ link and 1660 Ti with single monitor.  During the setup I get stopped at the detection phase. 

Link - Green light comes on, red light comes on headset, all cables appear secure.  I've tried taking everything out and replacing and powering off/on. Checked for system updates, updated VIVE console and rebooted.

USB - Setup eventually confirms the USB, though suggests a 3.0 connection.  I checked the Device for system and it does show USB 3.0 available.  I've tried multiple USB ports built into motherboard and top-of-case USB by headphones jack.  Windows does make the "connected/disconnected" noise if I turn the link on/off. 

DisplayPort - Setup will spin for awhile then do a popup instructions (showing not to plug into the motherboard displayport, instead use graphics card port.)  I've tried other slots on graphics card.  Never connects or confirms.

VIVE Console - Error 001 : Headset is not connected.

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