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Case for HTC Vive PRO Full Kit


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Hello Team !

I need an Flight case for HTC vive Pro Full Kit so as to keep it safe during travelling. Is it available ? 

Details or Link if any, Pls share.

Is there any support available from HTC team for installation @Industry & Subsequent AMC ?



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@Saba - We don't manufacturer a flight case. You're best off with a standard Pelican case if you have budget. Pelican case #1535 will fit any one of the current VR kits and is specifically designed to be the maximum size for a carry on for most airlines. The Pelicans have also have flight valves. Practical but but they're expensive.

You might be able to find a more generic hardcase using that as a starting point for the dimensions.

For your second question - it depends on what country you're in and what you're trying to do.

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Thanks for your response. 😀😀. Have decided to go with HTC vive pro Full Kit.. Will explore Pelican case as recommended.

Location would be in India, for an enterprise, to showcase products to our customers. After 1 year warranty, is AMC applicable? Any charges applicable ? Extension of warranty applicable ?

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