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NFC Sensor connection with VIVE tracker in Unity


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Hello, I'm new here to the VIVE forum and I have a question regarding VIVE trackers and NFC sensors.

I'm building a prototype in Unity which is related to art painting. I was looking something related to of how to detect an object that is picked up in unity. That is where the trackers comes in and the NFC sensors.

How can I make the sensors detect what tool is missing in my tool belt with a sensor in it and what script in SteamVR does the work of tracking what tool you are holding in your hand?

If I would make it more clear: I launched my VR, basic environment and a canvas where I can draw anything with a tracker attached to a brush. I pick it up and it is being used on my hand, I have two more which are in my tool belt with a sensor placed in. The sensor checks which tool is being used or picked, if I decide to change my tool paint, I simply place it back and the sensor detects that the tool is now in my tool belt. 

Same goes with the rest, I'm trying to make the detection method of each tool in-game world. So each tool has its own name/number and it lets the user know what tool is currently using or missing in tool belt.

Any reference or suggestion would really appreciate it.

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@Bappo - Not many people are experimenting with NFC in VR right now - the industry is waiting for Ultra Wide Band. UWB specifically supports spatial "ranging" between devices which helps enable native positional tracking via something called RTLS - Real Time Location System. Once there is a good UWB sticker - it will be very easy to spatialize any object for mixed reality.

This is something you could probably DIY together with NFC but you might have to hunt around to find the example resources on how to implement it. Alot of the talk around Unity and NFC seems to be pre-2017.

For a prototype - you could probably built a Unity client for your phone and the place it in in your shirt/belt pocket and use it to read an NFC sticker on your tool and network that data into Unity VR client. If you try to use another NFC reader - how you're potentially able to get the data into Unity will vary by device. You'll probably still have to "tap" the tag to get the read.

Alot of LBE developers avoid situations like by tracking the prop using something like a Vive tracker or they can tie the device it to a SteamVR device ID.

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