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Can't bind Vive Cosmos controller buttons in UE4


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I have been working on a VR game for a while now and originally started the project in a older version of the Unreal Engine. I had a few people test it recently and found out the Vive Cosmos buttons and thumbsticks do not work.

After a bit of searching it seems their is suppose to be options in the Input bindings for the Vive Cosmos? I do not have this in my project using UE4.25.4.

I found this forum post (link below), but unfortunately it didn't help as my bindings already had the "bindings_vive_cosmos_controller.json" and I couldn't find the vive_cosmos_controller.json file anywhere although in the SteamVRBindings folder there is already a file called vive_cosmos_controller.json. I assume this is because I am using a latter version of UE4 than that post and things have changed?

Can anyone suggest why I do not have any Vive Cosmos bindings in my project?

Just as a side note, I also installed the latest UE4.26.1 and created a new test project which also had no Vive Cosmos bindings. @MariosBikos_HTC

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