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Buying a vive from pc world/currys in uk

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Just returned vive to pc world as it had a label saying demo and a repair sticker.

Payed 760 pounds for an ex customer repaired vive with missing cables sold to me as new?

Pc world would not take cash so they had to put money onto a voucher telling me they had 2 in stock in store when they realy ordered from website.

Sytem crash wiped voucher and lost money.

They then told me they had none in stock in store.

Told to come back in 5 days, might be on voucher by then with no proof of purchase?

Would not refund cash as vouchers are not refundable.

HTC vive rep who was wonderful by the way so credit to her helped me get it sorted.

I researched the vive for ages before deciding try and buy.

I knew it was the better system and just wanted to try it to see if my old eyes can focus the images properly. Seconds into demo and I was sold. Then 45 minutes trying to get my money back or a replacement if possible. Worse experience ever.

Joy to viveless in 45 mins.

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Sounds extraordinary, a major high street store selling demo stock as new item and then playing difficult when it is pointed out to them. I would have been shouting loud to make sure all the other customers would hear!

I bought mine online from PCW after getting a demo at PCW Croydon. No problem.

I wish you well and hope you get a new Vive soon and enjoy it.



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Hey , sorry about that situation... pretty terrible customer service there. :(


Am I right in thinking you're currently without the Vive and they also have your money (effectively)?


If you paid with a credit card, you should be able to call the credit card company and get a refund from them. They'll end up fining the shop, too.


I don't know if there's much we can do directly on this, but if you have further issues, feel free to reach out to me directly. Hope you're in VR soon.

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