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[Help] No audio using the Wireless Adapter and Vive Pro

Jack Gutmann

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I am using 4x vive pro with the wireless adapters, and the sound used to work on all 4 PCS just fine. until yesterday. i don't know what changed but windows wont recognise the sound output or input from the headset anymore.

It is quite strange and I have no idea what to check here. Already tried to unplug everything und replug it and restart my pcs but all did not work i still don't get sound.

If you can help me google this problem i will be highly appreciated.


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I have a vive pro but I'm not currently using it's wireless adapter (too much of a cpu hog with my flight sims).  However, I do recall having had a similar problem in the past when I was using the wireless adapter.  The first thing to do is to check your SteamVR menu panel, setting/audio and select manual and the correct audio devices you want to use.  I actually find that I often need to do this with my wired vive pro after some win10 and SteamVR updates.  In one case I found it best to uninstall my nvidia drivers (using DDU) and reinstall them again (including the HD audio drivers).  After restarting everything and making sure that the SteamVR audio settings were sending audio to the right devices it all worked fine again.  Good luck sorting this out mate.

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