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Improve controllers tracking with treadmill


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For a project we are using a treadmill as in the image and Vive Cosmos.

To improve headset tracking I closed widows curtains and attached stickers to the wall, set up the room staying on the treadmill so that the headset can setup his reference points. Seems to work well.

What I have problems are the controllers that often loose tracking, even if they are just in front of me and not occluded from the treadmill structure.

Wondering if this does have something to do with the treadmill or we can improve this in some way.


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  • The reflective chrome surfaces are generally bad for tracking because they reflect tracking and sensor data.
  • Your walls seem to be solid white. The controllers emit white light. That means that in some cases, the headset cameras can't tell the difference foreground and background.
    • I would recommend going into pass through mode and simply "seeing" what the Cosmos' cameras see.
  • This is only a tiny portion of your environment but there still aren't a ton of tracking points in your environment. If the headset starts loosing tracking - add more visual texture to your surfaces.
  • Your curtains may also be blank and featureless. Can't tell from photo.
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@HackPerception thanks for this.

To better understand, the controllers are tracked only using the headset cameras, so that only optical features are usable? 

Was thinking that if they are using also some kind of other tracking system that can be influenced from magnetic field this can be also a problem with a big metal mass nearby. 

If it's only feature extraction tracking I will attach to the wall bigger A4 sized printings of some codes (better kind of QR code or big simple geometric shape are better?) . 

Curtains are in fact black window shutters so that need not to be a problem. 

Also to avoid reflections from the metallic structure I can maybe strap all of it with opaque scotch tape if you agree. 

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