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Beta testing the new VIVE Facial Tracker early?

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I am a game developer currently releasing a game on Steam.

My game is a mocap sandbox tool for creating full avatar recordings and has a modest community of users. It currently supports vive pro eye gaze tracking, but also I have written a IPhone app for streaming Apple's ARKit facecap data to the avatars in my game, which looks really sweet already!

I would love to offer this new face capture option as a feature in the beta and final release of my game as soon as possible - I believe the beta testing community on my Discord server would be very interested in purchasing this sensor once it is supported in my game.

I am very excited to test this accessory as soon as it is available and would love to become an early beta tester! Is there any way I could possibly purchase this hardware early? Or is there anyone I could contact to request a kit early?


This looks amazing and I would be so grateful to finally have an alternative face capture solution to the IPhone

Thank you!!


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