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Help Troubleshooting Error 200


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I have been using my Vive Cosmos for nearly a year now, but hadn't touched it for about 2 weeks, yesterday switched it on and the Vive Console software gives 200 : The headset cannot be detected. Make sure that cables are properly connected and then restart the headset.

The headset has a red LED, when I took the face plate off the Vive software detected, no face plate it and told me to put it on, I thought I was getting somewhere.

I unplugged and re-plugged all of the cables as well as trying different ports for both USB and Displayport, no change, I then installed the lastest Nvidia drivers and re-installed the Vive software, still no joy.

Does anybody have any advice on how I can get this working again?

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The issue has been resolved.


Windows updated to 20H2, I am using Windows 10 N pro, which doesn't have media player installed.

The SteamVR Driver doesn't function correctly without theses libraries, installing the Windows Media Pack for 20H2 fixed the issue.

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I spend already two weeks to set up VIVE Cosmos!

Re-plug hundred times, update all drivers, several times reinstall Windows10 and now Windows11

I bought specialty for these glasses new PC, with the latest hardware i7 12700K, DDR5 RAM and RTX 3060


And steel same, some USB ERROR on win10 and ERROR 200 on win11

Come on! How it can be? WTF?

P.S. Of course, I try to restart my PC
Thousent times (((


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Note to All

I feel Disgusted that this issue has been so prevalent for so long, and it would appear that HTC has no intention to identify the problem, let alone actually acknowledge there is a conflict causing this issue.

I purchased a new cosmos unit and accompanying PC, the store was kind enough to spend a week and a half diagnosing the fault, they even used the store's display stock after hours to diagnose the problem.

The end result was a software conflict between HTC software and other OEM drivers, essentially we have all been taught for years that when you get a new computer the first thing we all do is to update the drivers to the latest version, I cannot stress it enough that if you have a HTC Cosmos then under no circumstances should you update anything. From a clean windows install you must manually activate the windows restore feature so you can roll back your drivers, MAKE A RESTORE POINT, from there most of the hard work should be done when you install drivers and software, install only one item until you get the fault then restore to your previous version, hey presto problem driver found.

In my case the conflicting driver appears to be the RTX and MSI consoles, I did not replace these on the last rebuild of the machine. Since purchase I had to clean install windows 4 times to find out about windows not having the restore active by default, the store failed to mention this when they returned the machine in an operational state (They also failed to find the problem, and HTC gave them no assistance either)

At the end of the day HTC needs to look at the problems we are experiencing and fix their conflicting software

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