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Vive Focus Plus OpenXR ?


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HTC's Vive Focus 3 standalone headset now has beta support for OpenXR content. OpenXR is the open standard API for VR and AR development. It was developed by Khronos, the same non-profit industry consortium managing OpenGL.

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OpenXR content is now available in the beta version of HTC's Vive Focus 3 standalone headset [here]. VR and AR developers can use OpenXR's open standard API.

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It was mentioned we don't require explicit OpenXR support from HTC for the Vive Focus Plus, but how does that work?

Currently I develop for the Vive Focus 3 using the OpenXR SDK and the HTC SDK for the Focus Plus, and I maintain two different projects in Unity which is a hassle.

Maintaining two projects will probably end in only supporting the OpenXR project causing the Focus Plus to not work anymore.

Having the Focus Plus supported will make it a bit easier for small developers like myself, as I only have 2 HTC headsets and one appears to end-of-life now.

The Focus Plus appears to only be old as support appears to have been stopped, while the hardware itself is plenty capable of supporting newly made games.

I also understand you don't have unlimited resources to make this possible, but it's good to explicitly communicate that so you don't get these kind of support questions.

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