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OpenCV video processing with SRWorks

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HI everyone!

I'm working with HTC Vive Pro Eye, and i need to extract flow of images from each cameras and conìvert it level of gray.

In OpenCV when i need to extract flow of images from laptop's web camera, I use the  following code : 

import cv2 as cv

cap = cv.VideoCapture(0)

while True:
    ret, frame = cap.read()

    gray_video = cv.cvtColor(frame, cv.COLOR_BGR2GRAY)             
    cv.imshow("Frame", gray_video)

    if cv.waitKey(1) & 0xFF == ord("e"):


Is it possible to call, both HTC VIVE Pro Eye cameras? I mean, at the second row of the code at cv.Video.Capture(0) it is possible to acquire video from webcamera. Is it possible to call both cameras?


Thank you kindly


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