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How do I visualize eye tracking data on heatmap?

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What does your project look like?

Are you saying that you specifically are trying to heatmap during playback of a video, like a 360 video?

For the most part- Pro EYE is used by enterprises organizations that do not upload their code or share their projects publicly so most implementation of the eye tracking has been custom. So for most things, you have to build it yourself. You can query data from the eye tracker via the SRAnipal SDK but you'd have to write your own scripts or attempt to incorporate other technology if you wanted to do something more advanced like heatmapping.

Our SDK doesn't have analytics out of the box as we're licensing the eye-tracking technology from Tobii. Tobii licenses a more advanced SDK that's compatible with the hardware which has lots of built in analytics features. This may be the best semi-turnkey solution for you but it may cost $.

You can query eye-pose data and attempt to build your own analytics tools (e.g. heatmapping) or attempt to incorporate Asset-store type products.

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Hi, but actually I contacted the VIVE seller, she said Tobii did not provide the licenses for HTC VIVE Pro Eye anymore even you paid. I would like to ask two questions:

1. After I tested the Eyesample in the unity with HTC VIVE Pro Eye, the avatar successfully followed my eye's movement, and the SRanipalRuntime showed green color, so how can I find the raw data of eye movement?

2. Based on Tobii did not provide the license anymore, do you have any recommendation for the eye-tracking data analysis?


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