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Lip Tracking Calibration Options

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I am a VR developer and recently got the HTC Vive Lip Tracking module - and to my dissapointment it does not track accuratly for me at all, even when testing at different angles, lighting conditions, or different avatar softwares. For me and a few other people it does not register smiling, frowning, lip raising, and too often pokes the tongue out even when the mouth is closed. The original engineers who developed the units had particular face types, however, me and many of my coworkers have different face shapes and sizes. The lip tracker very badly needs a calibration option such as it asking you to take certain mouth shapes - JawOpen, Bare Teeth (raise upper lips and lower lower lips), and Smile (Pulling back and up the corners of the mouth only). We have found these mouth shapes to be the most innacurately tracked, but if we had a calibrator then the machine would see what our unique mouth shapes are in relation to what it needs. Currently, the only thing that is mildly accurate is JawOpen and Pout. As it is right now, for its price, its less accurate than a SnapChat filter. For many of us, until we can calibrate them it is sadly unusable in its current condition. Please HTC - create a calibration program - much like there is a calibration program for the eyetracking. @Dario

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