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Controllers cannot pair to their own HMD after restart


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Hi there,

We've bought several Vive Focus for our project.
Recently,  after the HMDs restart, we found that some of them may not be able to pair with their original HMDs.

This may include two situation:
1. HMD A and HMD B exchange their pairing controllers after restart. (HMD A with controller B, HMD B with controller A)
2. The controllers are not exchanged, but HMD A still cannot pair to controller A, even after press volume+menu button.

We can still pair the controllers back by taking off the batteries -> put back the batteries -> press volume+menu button.
But since we bought several HMDs, the action could be quite annoyed.

We first assumed this has something to do with the controller batteries, but this can still happen even when the batteries are full.
And the cases happen with no rule and on no particular HMD.

Could anyone give some suggestion for us to reduce the problem?

Thank you.

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