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Unity 2020.2 - SteamVR - OpenXR - Vive Pro Eye


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I am very new to Unity/VR dev, and this took me awhile to get right. Maybe posting this here will help someone else. My plug-in setup for:

 Unity 2020.2 - SteamVR - OpenXR - Vive Pro Eye

SteamVR (v 1.16.8 --> And now v.1.16.10) & Unity 2020.2.7f1

    - Set up XR Plugin Management (4.0.1) by:   Edit --> Project Settings --> XR Plug-in Management (Install)  -or- it's also in available assets
    - Open XR (1.0.2)  & select YES at the prompt & then, go to Project Settings --> XR Plug-in Management --> OpenXR --> Features, and select HTC Vive Controller Profile
    - Install the SteamVR Plugin (2.7.3 sdk 1.14.15) -- the OpenVR Unity XR Plugin installs w/ it
                     - When done, accept all recommended changes, then, go to Project Settings --> XR Plug-in Management , select OpenVR Loader

Also: in SteamVR Settings, select Advanced Settings -> Developer -> Current OpenXR Runtime, set as SteamVR

Also: in NVIDIA Graphics Settings, set Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling to ON and if VR Dashboard is listed, under Options --> High Performance (choose the NVIDIA GPU)
    NOTE: For some reason, this reverts to the integrated GPU every couple times I launch SteamVR. Not sure why, but I check it regularly now. 

Also: In Project --> Assets --> SteamVR --> InteractionSystem --> Samples --> load the Interactions_Example.unity scene. Go to Player--> InputModule in the Heirarchy, in the Inspector, under Standalone Input Module, enable "Replace with InputSystemUIInputModule" THEN Window--> SteamVR Input (Select YES when it prompts you about the json actions file, then click Save and Generate)

 If you get the "Lighting data asset" warning/error when running Sample scenes or pops up, clearing the Edit --> Preferences --> GI Cache --> Clean Cache. I don't actually know if this does anything, but the scene seems to load just fine 😉 Clear the Console errors (shouldn't be any RED errors now) and launch.

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