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Upgraded From HTC vive to Htc Cosmos Elite now I have more motion jitter ?

Erik J

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Hello ! I just upgraded from the original Htc vive to Htc Cosmos elite . Before on my orignial htc Microsoft flight simulator 2020 and Star wars sqadrons both ran very smooth in VR , how ever now since I upgraded it is IMPOSSIBLE to play them due to motion jitter , it almost smear the textures when you move your head with any speed at all , if you sit perfectly still and nothing moves its clear , as soon as something moves the problems start again ! what can I do to fix this ? so dissapointed when upgrading to newer products and get so much worse results . 

also the Vive console keeps turning itself on very often , even when no other vr program is started ? why did you force us to use the vive console when it worked perfectly fine before ? 

I am very very dissapointed in this purchase since the games I mostly play does simply not work with my new hardware and besides the clarity and higher resolution everything else feels worse , also the headphones keep snapping out and will not stay in place .

my specs are AMD ryzen 9 5900x 

       Geforce rtx 3080 

       32 meg ram 


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