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Noticeable brightness difference in Cosmos Elite when using wireless adapter


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Hi there,

I recently got the Cosmos Elite so I can try out my wireless adapter with it (previously using it with the Vive Pro). While the Cosmos looks fine when I'm connected via the wired connection, when I switch over to the wireless I get a difference in the brightness. The picture quality looks fine, but the backlight appears to be visibly dimmer. This results in the color being somewhat muted and some scenes being too dark to make out all the details. I've tried it with two different headsets and I got the same result on both. Wired looks great while wireless looks dimmer by comparison. I've tried using both the official battery that's included with the Cosmos wireless adapter attachment kit as well as with my Quick Charge 3.0 compatible Anker battery but I get the same result.

Any ideas? I've got a couple replacement USB cables coming to see if that makes a difference.


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