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Cosmos Elite pass-through when?


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Somewhat recently the cosmos elite got primitive support for a primitive form of pass-through. I wonder if and when we could hope to expect full pass through support (where pass through activates fast and possibly has better clarity, but most importantly can be used for steamVR's chaperone -- so the cosmos series could have the OG Vive's "tron" chaperone pass through).

I really really want this because pass through is an incredibly helpful feature for vr, and it should be a very achieveable feature for htc to implement in their modern headsets.

Also, why hasn't the site that shows the changelog for updates been updated anytime recently? : https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/vive-cosmos-software-release-notes-beta-latest/
Also also, why does loading something on the forums take like literally 15seconds?
Also also also, why does the esarch feature in the forums tell you to wait 5 seconds or so between uses for literally no reason, and then never work (The search button always loads up the forum I'm after, but 0.5s later it says to me I need to wait some seconds.)

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