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Why is my facial tracker **working** with wireless?

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I've been using my facial tracker with my Vive Pro Eye with wireless. According to posts online and a single line on HTC's site, this shouldn't work. Yet I can verify that it most certainly does, and I've used it in VRChat for a few hours now, testing a mod.

Am I on some old firmware that didn't disable it? Should I never update again? It seems to work just fine.

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6 hours ago, Crazybird said:

I thought they only disabled the type C for Cosmos series. 

They do seem to have confirmation that the combined current draw for the Cosmos w/ wireless and any external USB devices is too much for it: 

People on Reddit claim that it doesn't work on the Vive Pro with wireless: 


This is a niche product attached to a niche adapter for another niche product, but it'd be awesome if someone with a Vive Pro [Eye] w/ wireless and the lip tracker, and the latest firmware, can confirm or deny if it works.



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I have the Vive Pro Eye with Facial Tracker and Vive wireless adapter.  The facial tracker doesn't work for me when using the wireless adapter.  Eye tracking works fine when wireless.  Everything works when wired.  The facial tracker is detected with the SRanipalRuntime when wireless but doesn't work at all.  The system tray icon always shows this. 5.png.8c1321e6e204f8043453c6fcb968f773.png It also shows up as "HTC Multimedia Camera" in Windows and SteamVR when wireless.  I contacted Vive Support and received this response:

"Regarding your question, you're right the VIVE Facial tracker is not supported by the VIVE Wireless adapter, but at the moment the developers are working on it."

Hopefully we get an update soon.

Here is my SRanipalRuntime version and SteamVR System Report when connected with the wireless adapter.  Which version are you using?





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