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[Unity] Keeping App Alive After Headset is Removed


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Hello! I am developing on a Vive Focus Plus using WaveXR and would like to know if there is any way to ensure that the app does not close/crash when the sensor detects that the headset has been removed. I believe some other manufacturer-specific SDKs allow you to prevent the headset from turning off the displays/going in to a suspended state when the headset is removed, so I was just wondering if there is a similar option or some other alternative to prevent the application from shutting down while suspended using the WaveXR SDK.


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Is there any news regarding this ? I am working with Vive Focus 3 headsets and I would like my Unity app to continue to run after the user take off the headset and the screen are turned off during the delay before the headset switch to standby mode.

From my current experimentations, the Unity Update function stops to run as soon as the screen are turned off and the only way to run something when the screen is off is to start a thread. A thread will continue to run as long as the headset does not switch to standby mode but this is still an issue for code that need to run on the main thread.

Thanks !

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