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Repair in endless limbo


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I am in a similar situation as well.  I used SteamVR support first and after troubleshooting and analysis of my system reports determined that one of my basestations was failing and  to contact HTC for repair.  That was over 2 months ago.  My first ticket to HTC was not responded to, but instead received a survey. The poor review led to it being escalated and after another round of troubleshooting and systems reports etc, HTC came to the same conclusion for the need for repair, but did not provide instructions on how to get repair services and closed the ticket.  Now anytime I contact them on how to get repair, it starts over again with more troubleshooting and system reports, but no one will tell me how to actually get the faulty basestation replaced, only that it needs to be replaced. 


Any one know how to actually get the repair done?

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Same thing that was for Bromomaster:


Please Private Message me with the Ticket number for this issue, your name that you gave, and your email address.  Please make sure it's in PM, as you don't need that information on the public forum!

We will get this issue solved!


I'm eagerly waiting to hear from you!

Thank you, 



Vive Customer Support


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  • 5 months later...

Pop quiz:  You know you'll be entering repair limbo if...

A. You have blonde hair.

B. Your left shoe is on the right foot.

C. You had salad for dinner and are still hungry.

D. You bought an HTC product.


I too am in the "HTC is ignoring me, and not honoring my warranty" limbo that you all are.  Service side I'm being promised the moon.  Repair side....NOTHING.  I was promised a 14 day turn around from they day they recieved it.  I 2nd day air'd my controller to them after it broke (at 3 weeks old, with no abuse) It arrived 2 days after I shipped it, and was signed for at HTC at 9:32am that day.  7 DAYS later they admit they now have it.  3 days after that they say it's "in repair".  Then...it updates to shipped.  No tracking, no nothing...just shipped.  I planned to wait for tracking to update when I suddenly recieve an email from HTC repair with a NEW ticket number asking me to send them my controller.   I freak out, because I've already been digging into reviews of HTC repair, and lying about parts/componants/never receieving a device is not unheard of from them.  I immediately contact support via live chat.  I ask what's going on, and their reasoning is that they are moving facilities, so they needed to ship my controller to the new facility.  Ok....

1. The NEW email with the NEW ticket telling me to send my controller to HTC is still giving me the OLD address....and they ALREADY HAVE MY CONTROLLER.  

2. Why do they need to issue a NEW ticket to ship something?

3. What does ANY of that have to do with the fact that my controller was supposedly already repaired and should have been shipped to ME and NOT to some new facility??

4. Have they been moving facilities every week for a decade?  Because their explaination to me doesn't explain why this issue has been persistent for almost every customer who needs a repair for such a very long time...


Ok...so they assure me they haven't lost it, everything is fine.  Despite that fact that it should already be BACK IN MY HANDS, everything is great.  So I wait, for another half a month, and...?  Nothing.  No status updates, no communication, no controller.  I live chat again, and get nothing except "Everything is fine".  I email support via a VERY detailed email, and I get ignored.  I call every phone number at HTC that I can find, each person who answers is MORE than willing to help, but 100% not able to help, and they fully acknowlege that HTC repair is a %$#^show.  I email the CEO of HTC (Cher Wang) and again get ignored.


Finally, I email HTC support again.  I very clearly state the issues AGAIN.  I very clearly state my frustration AGAIN.  But this time I add two factors.  One, a promise to send a mass email to every tech reviewer/blogger/youtuber along with my local news station and the local news station near the HTC repair facility.  Second the words "LEGAL REPRESENTATION for failure to honor the manufacturers warranty" are in the email.

What a surprise...I get an IMMEDIATE reply.  Any guesses as to what that reply was?  


"Everything is fine."  


Leaving me right where I've been for the entirely of this experience.  NOWHERE.  


Waiting until Friday, then filing suit.  Anyone else out there in the exact same boat?  Let me know.  If there's enough of us, a Class Action isn't out of the question.


HTC does not care one bit about it's customers.  I am fully in regret for buying the Vive, I wish I had purchased the Rift.  I'll never buy anything that says HTC on it or in it ever again.  ]


Not even a nigHTCap.

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This is an update to my repair woes:  After all of my efforts up to and including emailing Cher Wang (CEO), I actually got my issue resolved in the most unusual of places.  This forum.


The reason my controller repair has been in limbo is still being claimed as "Moving facilities", which I STILL find fishy, as the person who started this thread was having the same issue in Feb of this year.  I'm in June/July/August, and having the same issue.  I feel it's just BAD service on the part of the repair facility, but it also could be that the REASON that I'm in limbo, because of the move, is BECAUSE they were so slow before.  So, grain of salt, that could be it.  If you're reading this post in December of 2018 and you have the same issue, then it's clearly BS.  But if you send in and get your devices repaired promptly, then we'll know that it really was due to them trying to improve the service.  Time will tell, but let's hope!


I won't get into any details concerning how my issue was resolved, but it was resolved to my complete satisfaction.


I'd like to thank John (Synthesis) for being there, listening to me gripe and complain to him, especially since he and the other folks in "support" aren't the ones causing us to be angry or feel neglected by HTC, on the contrary they're the ONLY contact we get and they try really hard.  They take the brunt of our ire when repair leaves us hanging.  When repair doesn't make good on the promises they had support relay to us, support has to deal with the angry customer.  It's not fair, it's not right, so please PLEASE try to remember that when you have to contact them.  These guys are put in a bad position, and they're just trying to do their jobs.


John, thanks again for putting up with me, and getting me back up and running in VR.  It's much appreciated, and seriously, ask for a raise man.  You deserve it.

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