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Eye tracking and Lip tracking at the same time?

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I am trying to use both eye and lip tracking together in my Unity scene. I can not get them to work together at all.

If I enable both SRanipal Eye Framework and SRanipal Lip Framework in my scene then only the eye tracking works. Once I destroy the SRanipal Eye Framework object then the lip tracking starts working.


Is it even possible to use both Eye and Lip tracking together at the same time?

If not then can somebody please explain why would it not be possible?




Runtime v1.3.1.1

Eye camera version 2.41.0-942e3e4

Lip camera version 50100

Unity version 2019.4.23f1


Thank you

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I just tried updating the Runtime to v1.3.2.0 but get exactly the same issue.


So I am still unable to use both my eye tracker and face tracker at the same time, Please can someone help me figure this out !!

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I tried testing FaceGym and there was no face tracking available.

But what's really strange is that when I connect the USB cable from the Linkbox into a USB2.0 port the camera is detected and almost works (it is very jumpy and less than 1fps) but it works!!!

When I move back to USB3.0 port it is not detected.


I have tested using onboard USB3.0 ports and a PCIE USB3.0 card (intel chipset) and both the lip camera is not detected.


Why would USB 2.0 work better than a USB 3.0 ? Is there anything I can do??

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I managed to get them both working using the Vive Wireless adapter, however the latency is so bad i can barely walk much less enjoy any of these new extremely expensive pieces of hardware.

I can't say for sure but after the weeks of effort I have spent trying to make this work and it simply is broken - most users would just give up I'm sure and post bad reviews.

So here's my review:

  • The Vive lip tracker is really good
  • The Vive eye tracking is really good
  • Vive lip tracker + Vive eye tracker is absolutely horrid .
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I changed the port from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 and reconnected it again and again, and that solved the problem.
I don't know what caused the problem, but it may be that the driver was installed correctly.

Hmmm ......

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I used vive pro eye + facial tracker, both of them are working.

Just share my setting:

1. Check two Framework: "SRanipal Lip Framwork" and "SRanipal Eye Framework" are enabled.

2. Check the settings of two scripts for Avatar "S Ranipal_Avatar Lip Sample_v 2" and "S Ranipal_Avatar Eye Sample_v 2"

Hope this can help you.

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