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Where can the legacy Vive setup install files be found?


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I had not used the Vive Cosmos in several months, and just today had a need to pick it up again for a VR project. I noticed that Vive setup no longer supports my Cosmos version. Where can I find a legacy version of the software? The current version presumes, for some reason, that only the new 2-sided converter with orange connectors is being used, whereas this particular Cosmos has a converter box with only one side for connectors. For this reason, it cannot recognize the hardware.

I think a better question for Vive would be -- are you actively discouraging customers from using older version of your hardware? There should be at least some retrograde support. This headset is not brand new, but certainly not older than a year. It would seem from this setup that you are pushing people to either move to Steam VR or to upgrade their equipment to work with the new software. This is impractical and, perhaps, even unethical. Hopefully, I have misunderstood, and you still support customers that have not purchased the latest system(s).

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