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Headset display randomly freezes. Desktop game framerate becomes a slideshow.


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3 minutes ago, Badelhas said:

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I tried them and I am happy to announce that everything seems to be working perfectly now (knock on wood) 🙂

Meanwhile I installed the Ryzen 7 5800X3D, replacing the Ryzen 5 3600 CPU. I currently own the Nvidia 3060ti GPU, I was thinking about upgrading to the 3800 (I can get it used for 500 and sell mine for 300). I know I wont be able to use full resolution in almost none of the games but, in your opinion, it´s a worthy upgrade? I wish I could get a current gen but these prices are simply outrageous.

Also, I am a bit lost regarding SteamVR and Vive Console setting. With the OG Vive I left it everything on AUTO. What setting do you use on both softwares?

I see that SteamVR selects 150% resolution if I put it in Manual but just left it on Auto and selected "Balanced" mode on Vive Console since I read its the more adequate for my current GPU. Should I change it to AUTO?

Thanks again for your help.


Do you mean the 3080? I guess the 3060ti to a 3080 for 200 is a decent deal, though perhaps only if you really want it, because if the 3060ti is good enough, you can probably hold onto it for 2-3 years before upgrading and getting a tonne of bang for your buck. Consider consulting with a pc subreddit though, I'm not very familiar with hardware specs

Not sure what this means, but some things:
-Vive console and steamvr settings work individually and are both impactful.
-ViveXR is in my experience more compatible with games but a bit lower performance and can't run many games, resulting in a crash
-SteamXR is desirable with better performance and can run every game but vive might get pissy at you and cause crashes
-On vive console I use VR mode, Press headset button for passthrough, No audio limit, and I try for steamXR when possible iirc
-On steam I have controllers/hmd turning off automatically disabled if possible in interest of reducing potential crashes, and then other settings iirc are personal, stuff like audio setting and backgrounds

Yeah the resolution gets really fucky especially when you have steamvr doing resolution, maybe vive also doing it's own resolution, and then a video game doing it's own resolution too. I just put resolution settings on auto

Glad you got your headset to crash less!

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